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Letter for customers of HolyBike (AustrianBoxes.com)

Hello, I am Daniil Kovekh, founder of Holybike. We produce designer bicycle lockers (boxes). Our website is HolyBike.xyz. (Austrianboxes.com – edited)

Why do you need it

If you don’t have a place to keep bicycles safe, you lose your potential customers. You may allow bicyclists to keep bikes inside the hotel, but the bikes are usually dirty and wet when it rains. You will have to spend money on cleaning the room. In HolyBike, you take a metallic plate out and clean it one time per month.


We offer three materials: stainless steel, corten steel (rusty), or wood with 1.5mm of steel for additional protection.
We suggest using Corten steel with a green roof, which will make your box an attraction for tourists. Moreover, you will not need to clean this material, and it will look different every year due to the patina (the brown color) formation. Corten will look great even in 50 years!

We can also paint a box in any color you wish, but we propose to use Corten steel instead.

Green roof

We use the green roof because it is an eye-catcher and is environmentally friendly. The green roof will keep the rainwater, and the “Sedum” plants will consume the water. For cases of heavy rain, we made small holes to move the rainwater out.


2m x 1.10m x 1.35m per box with two bike slots is suitable for even the XL full-suspension e-bikes and standard e-scooters.

The price of the Holybike differs from 500€ per 2 bicycle slots to 1700€ per 2 bicycle slots, depending on the material and features.
We recommend the model with four slots, a green roof, charging, and corten corners. We sell this model for the early birds for 2600€. In spring the price will be 3000€.

We start sending the lockers at the end of spring 2022. we will produce only five boxes with four slots for bikes till this time.

Reserve a bicycle box for free by submitting a form on https://holybike.xyz/12/. You will choose the number of slots for bikes, material, color, and a need for power outlets for e-bikes inside the boxes.
In winter we will send you an offer. Don’t worry; you will be able to reject or edit it.

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HolyBike: Process

This is how the bike locker looks now, this is not the final version, but let’s look at the process


this model has a small color defect inside, but it does not change the functional part