helps choosing the right wine

We are launching a new project called that will help restaurant guests select the perfect wine. The bot utilizes powerful and intelligent AI to provide personalized recommendations. It asks for information about the user and their order, while also taking into account metadata such as weather, the restaurant, menu, and more.

The bot will soon be available in the Mates network of bars and restaurants: @mates_wine_bot.

Mar 11  

Cookie has a telegram channel

Cookie channel shows how to loose weight or to keep fit. All articles are based on scientific studies and are written simply, so that everyone can understand it. Find also new features of Cookie there

Feb 19  

Cookie is now a part of WU Startup League

It’s a semester-long accelerator in Vienna, that helps making effective marketing strategies, creating, finding investors and employees.

I will have a pitch next week and will share it here.

Feb 18  

Cookie is now available in English

@ACookiebot is now available in English. Free trial 28 days.

@PechenkaRobot is available in Russian. Free trial 14 days.

Version 0.0.6 (17 Feb)

  • gpt-4
  • remastered prompts
  • new algorithm on finding daily suggested amount of nutrients: TDEE, Mifflin-st. Jeor Equations. The of loosing 1 kg in a month counts as eating 257 calories less daily. To simplify a person’s live, we still provide a range of calories that a person has to eat daily.
  • promocodes (beta)
  • new texts
  • notifications if error happened

Version 0.0.5 (8 Feb)

  • Modified UI
  • Payment in US dollars
  • interviews in exchange for 1 month of subscription
  • State is automatically changed to the food record after 15 min of inactivity

Version 0.0.4 (25 January)

  • English Version
  • Enhanced AI model
  • You can now delete some food from a list
  • You get required daily calories, proteins and fats to reach goals
  • Added more personalisation
  • Added Payment in Rubles
  • Modified Ask function
2024   AI

Stock Dashboard

I have developed a stock dashboard tailored to the unique requirements of individual users. The Minimum Viable Product (MVP) features basic statistics, graphical representations, an AI assistant, search functionality, competitor analysis, and a database that retains user queries.

The forthcoming version of the application will incorporate the ten most popular analytics for company assessment, along with five advanced machine learning methods designed to forecast stock prices.

Subsequent iterations will employ Large Language Models (LLMs) to analyze news content. This functionality will identify risks that are publicly known, as well as those understood by only a select few. This innovative approach will provide empirical evidence to determine whether indicators like the Relative Strength Index (RSI) and Bollinger Bands, among other techniques, accurately signal optimal times for either shorting or going long on a stock.

2024   IT
2023   AI   Telegram

Online School: High-end Next.js application

In summer, I created an online school for a lawyer. Unfortunately the project was stalled by a lawyer for some reason. It took me 2 months to create a responsive website with the most modern software on it. I would like to continue developing this website for someone else.

If you want to start your online school with integration of AI and anything you wonder about, you are welcome to contact me at

2023   Business   IT   web
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