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Business cards

Save contacts

If you visit events or¬†talk to¬†new people, you need to¬†leave contacts. The¬†most popular ways are to¬†show a¬†QR for¬†LinkedIn or¬†Instagram, tell a¬†phone number, or¬†give a¬†business card. From my experience, When I write a¬†phone number, I have only time to¬†write the¬†name and¬†the¬†name of¬†the¬†organization¬†‚Äď it takes 1 minute to¬†do the¬†whole process, It may sound a¬†little, but¬†when you talk with 40 people on¬†one event, these 40 minutes become tremendous.

I had a¬†problem at¬†a¬†summit in¬†St.Gallen with the¬†LinkedIn QR code¬†‚Äď I did not¬†find how to¬†open it. I spent 2 minutes with a¬†person trying to¬†understand where the¬†QR code was¬†‚Äď in¬†the¬†end, we just changed the¬†phone numbers (we could also find the¬†names on¬†Linkedin, but¬†we did not¬†do it). And¬†also, people have a¬†thousand connections on¬†Linkedin, so your contact will be one of¬†the¬†thousands of¬†similar contacts. But¬†I still think that LinkedIn is the¬†best social business network.

Business cards are the¬†easiest way to¬†show leave contacts. Within 5 seconds, the¬†business card is in¬†your interlocutor‚Äôs hands (companion‚Äôs). Also, millennials and¬†older people use business cards by¬†default¬†‚Äď they expect to¬†get the¬†business card from you. That is why I use business cards.

Old card

The¬†first 100 business cards I made when I was 16, I was making a¬†project I wrote in¬†Russian: ‚Äúhello! I am Daniill Kovekh, a¬†Founder of¬†‚ÄĚ, my phone number and¬†a¬†corporate email. I put a¬†QR code linked to¬†a¬†website on¬†the¬†other side. I used a¬†white background and¬†black text. I used capital letters without serifs (grotesques) that were tall and¬†narrow. I used the¬†mid-price matte paper so that I could write on¬†it.

New card

In¬†April, I made 150 business cards with a¬†new design. These business cards are personal and¬†for¬†universal use. I pointed out the¬†name of¬†a¬†blog as¬†a¬†header. This is the¬†primary information because, in¬†a¬†blog, a¬†person finds all the¬†links he can be interested in¬†‚Äď CV, Linkedin, Projects, and¬†the¬†art shop. I don‚Äôt need QR on¬†a¬†business card because is easy to¬†write and¬†remember.

I wrote my email on¬†one side. I didn‚Äôt add the¬†telephone number¬†‚Äď first, I have different phone numbers: 2 phone numbers in¬†Russia and¬†two phone numbers in¬†Austria, and¬†soon, 1 in¬†America. So, mentioning any will not¬†mean that I respond from the¬†telephone. The¬†email, as¬†well as¬†the¬†domain, remains unchanged forever. Moreover, I don‚Äôt want to¬†give my telephone number to¬†everyone, and¬†it should remain private.

I mentioned skills: Art, Architecture, Finances, Investing, Data science. I also mentioned that I know 3 languages: English, Russian, and¬†German. I am not¬†planning to¬†learn new languages to¬†a¬†high level, so the¬†information will be actual for¬†a¬†long time. I also wrote consulting and¬†projects, because I create my projects (AKA startups, but¬†I don‚Äôt like this word, It is now a¬†synonym for¬†‚Äúlooser‚ÄĚ), and¬†make consultations on¬†Investments, Marketing in¬†the¬†real estate market, and¬†I am planning to¬†consult about Architecture, Construction, and¬†Urban Planning, as¬†well as¬†investments in¬†Art, Wine, and¬†Real Estate.

To make a business card interesting, I made an infinite stripe of skills I offer. The idea is that these skills are infinite, but later I decided to end with the starting word so that it looks like a separate printing or a pattern.

The¬†words in¬†the¬†middle are huge; the¬†margin from the¬†borders compensates for¬†the¬†size. I Increased the¬†letter-spacing because the¬†letter ‚ÄúV‚ÄĚ has too much white space at¬†the¬†bottom. I chose the¬†serif fonts¬†‚Äď they are easy to¬†read.
The¬†letters also remind me of¬†Russia, especially the¬†letter ‚ÄúM‚ÄĚ reminds me of¬†Moscow. The¬†letter is unique because it has two different serifs: Linear serif and¬†curved serif.

Unfortunately, I ordered an American card size, that is longer than the standard credit-card size.

Coffee machine

Capsule machine, automatic machine, or manual machine? I tried 3 types and asked an expert about the difference.

Manual machine

Manual machines are the¬†most expensive and¬†complicated to¬†use. Manual machines help you to¬†make the¬†best coffee. You upgrade your skills while working with it. You experiment with the¬†number of¬†coffee beans, temperatures, and¬†what is the¬†coolest¬†‚Äď you draw leaves and¬†hearts on¬†the¬†foams.

I tried the¬†‚ā¨1899 ‚ÄúECM Mechanika slim‚ÄĚ machine and¬†‚ā¨450 ‚ÄúECM S64 manuelle‚ÄĚ grinder. It was easy to¬†use: first, I attach a¬†spoon (portafilter) to¬†a¬†grinder. The¬†grinder grinds coffee beans into the¬†spoon. Next, I attach a¬†spoon to¬†a¬†table or¬†to¬†a¬†special holder so that the¬†spoon does not¬†move. Then I tamp (or¬†press) the¬†dust inside of¬†a¬†spoon. Next, I attach the¬†spoon to¬†the¬†coffee machine. I turn on¬†the¬†machine. The¬†boiling water flows through the¬†dust and¬†flows out to¬†a¬†cup.

You get viscous (dense) coffee with intense dark-light brown foam. It is similar to café-class coffee or even better. If you have such a machine, you don’t need to go anywhere to drink great coffee.

I used good beans, similar to¬†Passalacqua, that cost 19‚ā¨¬†per¬†kilogram¬†‚Äď it is not¬†too much¬†‚Äď only¬†‚ā¨0.15 per¬†portion, but¬†the¬†quality was excellent. I used 60% Arabica and¬†40% Robusta, which gave a¬†more Italian taste. I like strong coffee, so I need more Robusta¬†‚Äď up to¬†60% of¬†it.

Passalaqua is roasted in¬†Naples in¬†Italy. The¬†quality is high for¬†the¬†price of¬†19-24‚ā¨.

If you want the¬†same beans as¬†in¬†caf√©s, then better buy coffee for¬†50‚ā¨+ per¬†kilogram. You may also try coffee Luwak, a¬†coffee fermented in¬†the¬†belly of¬†small, squirrel-like animals, luwaks. It costs nearly 300‚ā¨¬†per¬†kilo. I was once on¬†a¬†plantation in¬†Indonesia and¬†have seen these cute animals. Unfortunately, I was too small to¬†drink coffee, but¬†my mother said it was pretty good.

Manual machines are durable and¬†easy to¬†repair compared with automatic machines. You may use such a¬†coffee machine for¬†a¬†decade. That is why the¬†selling price for¬†the¬†used machine is so high. If you have a¬†spare 2000-2.500‚ā¨, I recommend investing in¬†a¬†coffee machine and¬†selling it in¬†5-6 years for¬†70% of¬†its cost, e.¬†g., 1700‚ā¨.

Automatic machine

The¬†automatic machine makes good coffee. You set the¬†needed amount of¬†coffee beans, water required, water temperature, and¬†milk temperature. You also choose the¬†pre-installed coffee varieties. It is easy and¬†is great variant for¬†home. The¬†prices start from 400‚ā¨¬†till 1500‚ā¨. Depends on¬†the¬†options you need. I recommend looking at¬†the¬†material, especially the¬†milk box and¬†tubes¬†‚Äď they must be made out of¬†metal. Otherwise, your coffee machine will stink. I also think that all details should be made out of¬†metal because plastic breaks fast.

The foam is also nice in most models; however, the quality is better with manual machines.


Nespresso is a¬†cheap, easy-to-use machine. Nespresso is great if you want to¬†try different tastes of¬†coffee and¬†choose the¬†best one for¬†yourself. The¬†machine price varies 70‚ā¨¬†to350‚ā¨¬†for¬†a¬†metallic version with a¬†steam tube. Each capsule costs 0.35-0.5‚ā¨, which is too expensive. In¬†the¬†long run, you will lose much more money using Nespresso. For¬†example, I have a¬†mid-class version machine with a¬†milk heater. I used the¬†model for¬†4 months, but¬†I gave it to¬†my friend because coffee machines make cheaper espresso with better taste.

Better spend more money on a coffee machine; you will always be able to sell a good machine on willhaben or eBay. And also, if you want a good and relatively cheap manual coffee machine, try to find it on willhaben.

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Thanks to my friend Lele who can always lend me a bike.

I love riding a¬†bike. Bicycles are great¬†‚Äď they are fast, faster than public transport. It is 20 minutes by¬†bike to¬†my University, rather than 40 minutes by¬†bus and¬†underground. Moreover, it is healthy to¬†ride a¬†bike, and¬†I can keep fit and¬†get to¬†my destination. I can even take a¬†bicycle to¬†train or¬†travel on¬†a¬†plane with the¬†bike. Even though the¬†bicycle emits carbon when being produced, it is still nature-friendly transport.

I make hundred-kilometer rides. I love traveling by¬†bike. There are four variants of¬†traveling¬†‚Äď short trips, full-day trips, weekend trips, and¬†long journeys. Long journeys last one, two weeks, or¬†even a¬†month¬†‚Äď friends from Moscow state university bicyclist club have done it. They traveled by¬†train to¬†Karelia¬†‚Äď a¬†northern Russian region with picturesque forests, sixty thousand lakes, and¬†beautiful Finnish architecture. They have been riding in¬†Karelia for¬†two weeks. Later, some participants of¬†the¬†journey went to¬†St. Petersburg. They spend some days there, and¬†then they have ridden to¬†Moscow. The¬†way from Moscow to¬†St. Petersburg is at¬†least 700km. In¬†total, they made nearly 2000km.

I prefer rides from 80 to 150 km per day and 2-day rides. It is an excellent way to explore new places and not be exhausted. For example, we can go to Bratislava from Vienna or ride through Donau and observe hundreds of vineyards and apricot gardens, symbols of lower Austria. It is also great to go to Hallstatt, the most beautiful lake and an old town surrounded by old mountains. You may spend one day in the city, swimming on a lake with a SUP board and riding in the mountains the next day.


I invite you to my bicycle group in What’s App in case you live in Austria. You may also join if you live in Europe, because, maybe, we will make a trip to your country or you to ours.

The requirements are: you can make at least 80 km per day, and you need to be able to get a good bike. Also, it is important, that you are a responsible, friendly, helpful, and interesting person. And now, some information about cycling, routes and how the bikes work

Biking 101

There are two distinct routes: paved routes and trail routes. These routes require different bikes and ranges. For example, on paved asphalt roads, you may ride 25 kilometers per hour on average with a road bike and make 200km or even 250km in a one-day trip. But If you use a mountain bike, even 150km will be tough. This is due to the weight of mountain bikes, wide rough wheels, and less-powerful cranks.

Mountain bikes are universal, but road bikes are faster. Road bikes are fast. My highest speed on a road bike was 64 km per hour, and I scored it in Mallorca when I was going on a highway with a small slope. Usually, I gain 50 km per hour. Professionals have a maximum speed of 112 km per hour. Interestingly, most riders named this number as the maximum they did. Such high speeds are gained due to the lightness of the bike and rider. Expensive carbon road bikes weigh nearly 7.5 kilograms.

The tires are important. There are tires for roads, trails, downhill, cross country, winter variations, etc. All of them have different forms and widths and, therefore, frictions. That is why downhill tires will stop faster and will be easier to control, but you will not score even 40 km per hour on the road.

Cranks help you to¬†use the¬†optimal force. Cranks make your rear wheel move. The¬†bigger the¬†front crank and¬†the¬†lower the¬†rear is, the¬†more force you will apply to¬†a¬†wheel. Why is that? To¬†move the¬†wheel, you need to¬†trigger the¬†rear crank. All the¬†cranks are attached¬†‚Äď therefore, all the¬†cranks are constantly spinning together. We need to¬†spin one of¬†these cranks, but¬†which one will be easier to¬†spin?

Let‚Äôs experiment: put your phone or¬†notebook on¬†a¬†table and¬†spin it around the¬†center of¬†a¬†device. Try first to¬†do it on¬†a¬†point further from a¬†center and¬†closer to¬†a¬†center which is easier¬†‚Äď further from the¬†center. But¬†check the¬†distance your finger made to¬†make one 360 degrees spin. The¬†closer to¬†a¬†center made a¬†much smaller distance. What does it mean? The¬†shorter length, the¬†harder it is to¬†spin, to¬†apply a¬†force. That Is why the¬†smaller rear crank gives more force. We have an¬†opposite situation on¬†the¬†front wheel¬†‚Äď try to¬†explain it yourself.

The¬†bigger front crank or¬†lower real crank does not¬†mean, that you will be faster¬†‚Äď you need to¬†apply much more force (or¬†Power, in¬†Watts), and¬†you can be fastly exhausted, and¬†you may damage your cranks. Friction of¬†tires and¬†a¬†road and¬†the¬†friction of¬†chain and¬†the¬†cranks are also reasons for¬†lower speed and¬†damaging a¬†bike. You have to¬†control the¬†forces to¬†get a¬†higher speed.

But there are limits. Road bikes give you the possibility to apply a lot of force, or power, Watts. That helps gain huge speed on a road. But, when you want to ascend a mountain, you need much smaller power, otherwise, you will be tired in seconds. Road bike does not have such a small front or such big rear cranks. That is why it is too hard to ascend with a road bike, even with lower weight, and thinner tires.

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Psychology: annual cycles of productivity

I learned an¬†interesting thing about my productivity¬†‚Äď each year, I perform better and¬†worse in¬†precisely the¬†same months as¬†in¬†previous ones. I have checked this dependency since 2019. I add my performance (good, average, bad) to¬†the¬†google sheets to¬†see the¬†pattern.

March-April is the most effective time, April-June is a high-performance time, July is less effective or random, August-September is effective, October-November is a bad-performance time, and December-January is the worst-performance time, February is a random time.

What to do in the bad-performance months? I think it is time to relax and make trips, learn or practice new stuff. For example, I am drawing and playing the piano in such months (I’ve been playing since 2021). I also made some mistakes: I played some computer games during the bad-performance times because games don’t involve responsibility, and games have no deadlines so that I can stick to my tempo.

One of¬†the¬†ideas to¬†spend November and¬†December is to¬†travel to¬†some countries, like Thailand, Indonesia, Dominican republic. You may just relax and¬†spend a¬†little time working. It is not¬†bad to¬†make progress slowly and¬†spend less time at¬†work. We are people¬†‚Äď we live for¬†emotions and¬†fun. Ask an¬†entrepreneur whether he spends all his time working. An¬†entrepreneur is calm; he delegates work to¬†others and¬†makes the¬†company work sustainably without the¬†involvement of¬†the¬†entrepreneur himself. Otherwise, it is not¬†a¬†business.

What does it mean for you? First, also analyze your productivity cycles, find your patterns, and think about how to respond to them. And, you may expect a lot of new content on my blog and youtube channel. The blog theme, by the way, will be slightly changed: there will be content about traveling, architecture, business, and finances. In April I start a project on alternative investments. I will tell a lot about creating a business in Austria and why alternative investments are important for any investor.

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What i learned after 4 years of investing in a stock market

The Stock market is a place of gambling and investing. You don’t get rich without risks, but you may save money for your future and get passive income. But how to invest effectively and what mistakes you should not do? Let’s read:

You won’t get more than 10% in $ per year in the long run. Even s&p500 grows 6-8% p.a. on average. Once Warren Buffet said that just a few funds will be more effective than s&p500. To prove it, he argued with fund managers that they will not gain more than S&P500 in 10 years. At a point in time, the funds had higher returns. But there was a crisis, and most of the funds lost all the profit that they made in previous years. Only 2 funds, as i remembered, outperformed S&500.

Don’t panic. We are all people: we have emotions and biases. When the stock falls, we start a panic, we think that it continues falling or that we must buy more because the stock is cheaper. That is our human nature. We think that the status quo, the one which was before the current events, will stay forever, but it does not always work this way.

There were nearly two hundred large companies that became bankrupt after the 2008-2009th crash, and if it was true for the index that time, then nowadays, with the risk of recession, the index may fall for a decade, who knows.

Buy when there is uncertainty and sell when there is euphoria. It works, but mostly if you stick to 2 types of assets: index or shares of stable companies that are not seriously affected. When you invest in an index, you lower the risk of bankruptcy of a given company. If the index is on historical (or 10 years) minimum or maximum, that is too different from reality, or if the

Markets fall every 6-8 years. Charles Kindleberger analyzed 400 years of¬†the¬†stock market. He found that each 6-8 years there was a¬†crisis, with only some exceptions. Interestingly, each time people were sure that this time the¬†situation is different from previous ones: new technologies or¬†that people already learned previous mistakes. No, there is always a¬†new problem, that leads to¬†that. Did we have a¬†market crash in¬†2020? No, we didn‚Äôt, but¬†it will be soon¬†‚Äď thanks to¬†the¬†Russian government, EU, and¬†American politicians. The¬†supply chains are broken, and¬†the¬†prices for¬†production rise. Then the¬†final prices rise. The¬†demand falls. How can then companies generate huge profits? Think rational.

Don’t care about your losses. You will lose money on some stock, no one knows when, but you will. When you lose e. g., 10% of your portfolio, you would like to get money back, usually, you want it fast. As you may imagine, getting 10% of your portfolio fast, e. g., in one week is extremely risky:

weekly_rate = 100%/90% # 11.1% weekly  to cover losses  
annual_rate = (weekly_rate)^(365/7)*100
# it is 24317% annually

As you remember, the average annual rate of s&p 500 is 6-8% annually, and not a lot of investment houses can outperform S&P500 in a long run.

Macroeconomics first. The¬†political situation in¬†a¬†country affects all of¬†the¬†companies. Look at¬†Russia in¬†February-March 2022. All companies, that had huge potential crashed in¬†one day 30% to¬†70%. Russian addressed depository receipts have dropped to¬†0.01$. All of¬†that happened not¬†because of¬†bad business decisions, but¬†politics. When you invest in¬†a¬†developing country, you buy shares and¬†bonds with discounts. These discounts are given because of¬†such risks, as¬†in¬†the¬†Russian case (I can‚Äôt say the¬†word ‚ÄúWar‚ÄĚ by¬†a¬†law).

Political factors are harder than economic. Economic processes are well explained, for example in Pearsons’ books. We have enough data to expect prices for grains, raw materials inc the calm times. Therefore, in such times, the stock market trades not today’s value, but future value. Usually 6 months in advance. So, market lives in the future, that can be accurately predicted.

When unexpected things happen, the stock market players are uncertain about the future. Usually, players need 2-3 days to understand the future situation. Within these 3 days, there is uncertainty and the volatility (standard deviation, or simply, range of prices) is high. After, the market finds a fair price and predicts the future just 1 week in advance. Why 1 week? On Saturdays (or rarely on weekdays after market closing), politicians make speeches and announce new information and plans. Market players try to predict the announcements and set a fair price. So, if e. g., If J. Powell says that the inflation will be 10% (dramatic for the IT sector), but market players predicted that, then American IT companies will not lose too much equity after the speech. The chance of this event was already discounted.

Politicians are people and¬†sometimes their decisions are not¬†optimal, unpredictable. Let‚Äôs take the¬†Russian president. He made the¬†worst, unlogical decision¬†‚Äď he attacked Ukraine. After, he lost connections with developed countries. Moreover, the¬†Central Bank of¬†Russia lost access to¬†gold and¬†dollar reserves worth $500bn. Only a¬†few people could predict such an¬†event.

Always have cash. You must have cash for at least some months to live (in my case, 6 months). Liquid instruments (EUR, USD, for example) are easy to withdraw, and you can buy whatever you need without a premium (commission).
When the war in Ukraine started, I had 25% of the cash. The following day I sold some shares and ETFs with a loss of 20-40% and withdrew all my cash (50% of a portfolio) to my Austrian account. Later, Moscow Stock Exchange stopped the trades. All my bonds and shares became untradable. If I did not withdraw money, I would have lost much more and would not have had any money to live in Austria.

both technical and fundamental analyses are important.

Most of the risks and opportunities are already in a share price. You may think that some companies have a bad future, based on something that you have read in some articles. But investors already know about this risk and have lowered the fair value even before reading the article. You may win in this strategy if you use your thoughts and calculations, or if you know insider information or any kind of information that only a few people know. Imagine, you are a telecommunications engineer and you know that Nokia makes good 5g transmitters, that are easy to use, and you know that Qualcomm (i just made up the assumption) makes worse 5g transmitters. Then, you, as an engineer assume that Nokia will take over the market. You look at newspapers and you see that there are just a few unpopular articles about that. Here you have a jackpot, and with a high probability, you will earn some money.

Bonds are good, even if they don’t cover inflation

Don’t use futures, options, and other instruments if you have not read books about that.

Never gamble. The stock market is not a place to try your luck. I, an investor, will be very pleased if you will gamble because you lose your capital, and probably I will own the money you lost.

Instead of Casino, in the stock market, you can lower your risks without losing returns. In the long run you will be profitable

The stock market is about psychology in the short run, and about numbers in the long run. It is hard to predict the stock price within a quarter or half of a year. You don’t know what happens in such a period of time. You may learn about the situation in a company by reading the company’s reports or news. Reports are usually shown each quarter and annuity. they represent the real situation in a company with all numbers etc. I recommend reading Global financial accounting and reporting to be a pro in analyzing the company’s reports.

News show the situation in a company in real-time, and each information affects the cost of a share. I used before this short-term strategy, and I was always stressed:

Invest for the long-time and don’t read news. You don’t want to spend your time

10% change in the company’s cost is not important. Don’t care about fluctuations of the stock. It can rise, fall tens of times per annuity. If you will take each fall into account, you will be stressed. You will get a habit to check the news about the market and each company all day long. And you have tens of companies in a portfolio. You will loose the ability to analyze the stocks and will only rely on news and graphs. If don’t want to have such problems, invest in ETF.

Invest in ETF. Exchange-Traded Funds are managing the capital, that investors bring to them. They decide on which stock (or other instruments) to hold, buy, sell. The Funds take a commission for the service in exchange for you patience. The Funds don’t guarantee a profit, therefore you need to know to whom to give your money. You may do it the same way as with companies, by analyzing their reports. Don’t forget, that the huge returns in the past don’t guarantee profit in future. Take an example of Cathie Wood, the manager of Ark Innovation ETF. She went from 50 in 2019, to 100 in 2020, to 130 in 2021, and to 60 in 2022. As you see, if you invested even in 2020, you would have lost 40% of investments, even though she had 30-100% of annual returns in the past.

Expect an unexpected. Humans make decisions in politics and business. Sometimes, people take wrong decisions and do stuff that they were not supposed to. Even a small thought or event, like a traffic jam, may affect the final decision. You cannot predict such events. But they happen often. That is why the even the algorithms can’t get huge profit

Power and information are compensated with a size. Big investment funds and banks know much more about investing: they have educated employees, networking, fast processors, and data. However, the investment banks are huge and they invest billions of dollars. But how do they invest?

As¬†you know, on¬†the¬†stock market, people put their request to¬†buy or¬†sell a¬†defined amount of¬†stock for¬†the¬†exact price. If the¬†requests to¬†buy and¬†sell are identical, the¬†exchange happens. You see all of¬†the¬†available requests for¬†exact stock in¬†a¬†‚Äúbucket‚ÄĚ.

As you see, there are not so many offers, it is rarely bigger than 1 million dollars. If you are a small investor, it is easy to buy stock for the market price. But what if you are a big company and you need to invest 100 million dollars for that price? Obviously, the demand will be so huge, and the supply will be low, so the price must go up. A dumb manager will try to sell the stock for higher and higher prices because he has to invest fast. That is why price

What services to use

SimplyWall.St gives basic information of any company from reports. SimplyWall.St also compares a company with competitors and the market. It even shows the fair value of a company, that I don’t recommend to take seriously into account. is similar to SimplyWall.St, but provides more information with beautiful minimalist design.

Yahoo Finance provides all the graphs of the cost of companies. I download CSV file with prices of stocks to use it with my code, that I write on R or Python.

Statista provides statistics about anything you want. It is free for students as far as I know.

Bloomberg terminal is a¬†powerful tool to¬†analyze companies that cost nearly 5000‚ā¨¬†per¬†year. But¬†if you a¬†student, you may ask your university whether they have this subscription. For¬†example, the¬†Vienna University of¬†Economics has such a¬†subscription.

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I found great ski lessons

Stomp It Tutorials explains every movement you have to learn to obtain a skill. This channel also has excellent video quality. The great thing is that the instruction is not just showing how to do jumps himself, he also teaches his snowboarder friend how to ski. Check out his video about jumps.

2022   Austria   Ski
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