What to read #5: Real estate investing

I usually publish lists of books about architecture that I recommend to read. All of them are important to understand the value of a house. This article suggest books, minimally required to understand value of a house.

A Pattern Lnaguage, Kristopher Alexander

read it before investing or buying a house. This book describes how the space affects our way of living: how each type of city should look like, how the houses in the neighborhood should be placed and how it affects the ways people behave with each other. Even how the shadows, floor level, density of people, age difference and green parking affects the living in a house and society.

I read the Russian translated version of the book made by ArtLebedev Studio with great illustrations. If you speak Russian, I insist reading this book. This is my favorite book that I recommend to everyone.

Real estate investing 101, Michele Cagan

A dictionary that explains most of the termins and concepts you should know to master in the real estate.

All other books will be added soon. To learn more about the architecture and real estate, read my blog. Write a keyword by clicking on a search button and find “real estate‘, ‘architecture‘, investment‘ or other tags that you are interested in.

Remember, I can’t explain in a blog the same information that is written in huge books – the books I share are written by professionals and scientists who spent years for each book – they provided as much knowledge as they could in the best way. I can only share their knowledge by sharing the book or by taking the main ideas from it. Some books cost 100$, but after reading such books you will learn everything you should know about this theme.

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