New projects

During this half a year, I created tens of apps: for programmers, language learners, lawyer apps, and tens of different things. I would like to share some of them with you for free.

Leakage App: A lifesaver for developers. Ever pushed code to GitHub only to realize you’ve included sensitive data? My Python tool scans through your repositories, sniffing out passwords, API keys, and other secrets. It neatly organizes them into an Excel sheet, where you can review and scrub the sensitive data with a single click. It’s the guardian your codebase needs.

Download Leakage App from GitHub

GitHub Access: Dive into my digital toolbox. From web scrapers to AI bots, and automation scripts to speech conversion tools, I’m opening up my year’s worth of creations. They’re yours to tinker with – all I ask is a nod in your Readme or a mention in your code comments.

Koveh GitHub Repository