Russia and Ukraine: Statistics and Media

I collected surveys and statistics from Statista. If you want to learn more, purchase a report about the Russia-Ukraine conflict or be a student to download for free. Based on samples of 1000-3000 respondents.

Positive thoughts about Russia, and GDP per capita in Russia

Based on IMF Data and KIIS

Before the Crimea events in 2014, Ukrainians were friendly to the Russian nation. 4 years after the Crimea event, Ukrainians started to increase relationships with Russia.

Correlation between Russian GDP and feelings about Russia

Thinking About Russia Coefficient Correlation with GDP
Very/Mostly Positive 85% Very High positive correlation
Very/Mostly Negative -83% Very High negative correlation
Hard to say -75% High Negative correlation

We see a strong relationship between the GDP of Russia and the Attitude of Ukrainians to Russians.

Attitudes of respondents separately to the leadership and separately to the population of another state

How do Ukrainians think about Russians in October 2021?

The absolute majority of Ukrainians think good about Russians.

If a referendum on Ukraine’s accession to the European Union (EU) was held next Sunday, how would you vote?

Based on a sample, Ukrainians want to be a part of the EU.

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