Holy Bike technical task

I need a 3d model/prototype of the bike locker (a box to place bikes, with 2 and 10 slots).
On the web page https://www.koveh.com/?go=all/bike-lockers-design/ you may find photos, important notes about size, form, etc.
Don’t be afraid to experiment. The price for a model is 100$-200$ depending on the quality.

At the end of your work, you have to send the model of a bike locker in a standard format and, if possible, a link to a webpage that I can attach to a site using iframe.
And of course, you give me the exclusive rights for usage of the model (and photos) as I wish.


  • the model must be unique, not a copy of an already existing locker; however, it can be similar, and you can use the web to find inspirations (you can google “bike lockers,” etc., and you must use the tips from the web page I mentioned above, if you think that some tips are not helpful, write or call me and we will decide if it is not obligatory to use).
  • Use the automated lock like in the example: https://www.koveh.com/pictures/11ff411a-8769-4519-ab02-f4ee7b.jpg – it is not required to make it the same, but try to make it close to it or find more interesting examples on the internet.
  • inner part should be close to this picture https://www.koveh.com/pictures/images-20.jpeg
    Try to implement a company’s logo https://www.koveh.com/pictures/output-onlinepngtools.png, but use a small or just a yellow wheel.

As a bonus, you may attach a photo of how the model will look in real life. Max of 3 photos: bike locker on the parking slot in the shopping mall, bike locker near the office building, bike locker on the street (e. g., on the parking slot or near a park). The product is made for Europe, especially Austria and Germany. It would be nice if the photos will recall Austrian cities and their shopping malls, business centers within a city. For each photo, I will pay from 15$ to 30$, depending on the quality. I suggest you find some examples on the internet by writing “Safebikely” – one of the companies that use its own product (of course don’t copy their model).

After this work, if the model will be clever (will be precise, well-looking, weather and vandalism thoughtful), then I can offer you a more expensive job:

  • make the ready-for-production model with all the documentation
  • well constructed green roof
  • well-implemented e-charging
  • implemented Bluetooth opener
    The price for the fully developed Locker is up to 5000$, but the first stage is the model.