Happy new year! Plans for 2022

We all know that that the year 2022 will not be the better one: there will be more Covid cases, less income, higher inflation, and of course, Covid-19 will not end either this year or next one.
But we have to continue to live: realize the plans and wishes.

I have six plans for this year:
I will Study at Baruch College in New York for one semester, and I will be a part of a student exchange program and study investments and real estate management. This will be my first travel to the USA, and I plan to intern in an investment company.

I will actively develop my blog, YouTube, and maybe Telegram, concentrating on architecture and urban planning, plus some investments and programming which should correlate with the themes above and be simple for a normal reader. I plan to get 1000 new subscribers by the end of the year.

I will develop my project (Austrianboxes.com or something new). I also will find an internship throughout the year. If you are an employer, I recommend you to read my CV or look at projects (my email is daniil@koveh.com).

I will improve my German to C1 and English to C2.

I will be a part of the WU trading and investment society.

I will practice playing piano, sketching, and drawing and know how to work with different materials.

I will travel around Europe and USA. This part may also be interesting for you because you can join me if you like walking around towns and getting fun looking at architecture, skiing, biking, and swimming.

This year was quite full of travel. I was traveling around Austria: Baden, Salzburg (4 times), Innsbruck, Bregenz, Hallstatt and Zell am see. Also was in foreign countries such as Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, and Russia.

This year the travel plans are wider. I split my travel into two parts: the USA and Europe. I will travel to California, Miami, Washington, and other states that I will find interesting in the USA.

I have a rating of countries that I want to visit:
Netherlands, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Denmark, Slovakia, Monaco, Germany, Israel, Malta, Estonia, Spain. I’m planning to visit at least 4 of them.

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