Statistics: biased unreliable Media

In the last article, I have shown reliable sources based on my experience and more or less reliable statistics. Here I post the list of unreliable media with more than 1 Million readers. I don’t add anonymous sources – they are unreliable. The state-owned political media are also treated as unreliable.

Media Name County Reliability Bias Fake example Disclosure
The Sun UK Low Strong right example mediabiasfactcheck

Note, I judge the media myself, with the help of Google and paid statistics, Given by the Vienna University of Economics. I am not affiliated with any source and do everything to help my readers.

I am centrist, and I trust neither lefts nor rights. I treat the neutral equally distributed to the left and right Information.

Where to check news

check an unknown website on Similarweb shows everything about somewhat popular websites; try the following sources:

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