Bikebox: Place

Bikebox has 2*x sections. Every cage has the triangular form. That is made due to the form of bicycle and space saving.

Bikebox has connections to electricity. It can be either powerbank or municipal electricity. Electricity is needed to open/close/monitor cages and to charge an E-bike.

Bikebox will be firstly presented in 2 varieties: 2 cages for small shops or households, and 10 cages for parking slots, high density households, offices.

We create a system of bike parkings. That means that a user will be confident, that he will have an ability to park his bike wherever he wants. It’s impossible for startup to place thousands of boxes immediately. In this case, we start with more realistic solution. We will place bikeboxes in the place, where a customer lives and works.

To understand where to place a bike we create a survey, where ask people to write their working and living spaces. When we get enough users, we will place our boxes in the most chosen regions.

Jan 12